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radiumx's Journal

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Bionic Commando
29 January 1982
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"Be a philosopher; but, admidst all your philosophy, be still a man."
- (David Hume, 1737)

This record was friends-only from ~May 25, 2003 (and selected dates preceding) until ~October 2, 2004
You may have missed some really interesting stuff.

I am a recovering WOW addict, and founded / co-ran an endgame raiding guild on the Tichondrius server for 2 years.

On Sunday nights I try to attend (work permitting) Malediction Society, which I highly recommend. Fridays is occasionally RUIN for gothy goodness or Das Bunker.

I have lived in... (chronological order)
- Northridge
- San Pedro
- L.A. (Pico + Robertson)
- Costa Mesa
- Santa Ana
- Pasadena (Washington + Hill)

Current Employment
- Hwy1 Studios, Venice, CA (Game Design)

Previous Employment
- The Collective - Silent Hill: Homecoming (Level Designer / Scripter)
- Shiny Entertainment - The Golden Compass (scripter/assoc. gameplay programmer)

Before that I ran a helpdesk/software support/customer interface for a web-based mortgage software company.
Before that I worked for a super expensive rehab in Malibu as a 'man in the white coat'
Before that I was a camp counselor for K-6, and simultaneously worked as a IT/computerlab tech for Moorpark Community College.

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